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    I'm Dusty Gorman, full time wedding photographer, mom and blogger. I figured why not put it all together. Follow my blog for tons of photography tips, highlights from my latest sessions, my kids stuff, our family and basically our day to day chaos that makes us real.

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I have a new website!

please visit my new website at  you can search your friends photos you can view my favorites and learn more about what I have to offer.  Ive learned I am a terrible blogger:( But I want you to be able to view my latest work.  :) CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Seemed fitting for a wedding photographer right?

Ive been struggling with what to do with my site for quite a while now.  While I love having it, its not always fun to post sessions to it when there is not any way for me to know if I even have an audience.  And to be honest, it seemed as though posting was more about building my online gallery for potential clients rather than for the clients I photographed.  By the time I blogged, they had already viewed the entire session and already had their favorites posted and shared on social media…therefore defeating the whole purpose of sneak peek blogging anyway.

So that got me thinking.  I LOVED my online photography workshop I held earlier this year!  It was so wonderful meeting and chatting daily with new people who wanted to learn more about the camera they already had.  However, at the same time…good things never go without a little backlash right?  Keep in mind my course was 100% FREE….The course did nothing to personally benefit myself, however I had my fair share of complaints.  So before you jump on this ride with me, please note that this is NOT a “how to become a professional photographer course”  neither is it a “email me telling me you already know this kind of stuff course”  Its solely a way of people (NON PROFESSIONALS) to connect and share ideas and small tutorials.   Okay, now that we have that out of the way…let me tell you what my next venture with this is going to be.   This is going to be a place for us to connect and share….Ill post a few of my favs from sessions and we can learn a little bit along the way.  No class start date.  No homework or worrying because you missed a video.  This is just going to be mass learning and short little tutorials.  I hope you enjoy!  I’ll be pairing up with other bloggers, business professionals as well as boutiques for small giveaways and guest blogging and tutorials from everything from photography, DIY and beyond.  Please sign up for my newsletter and subscribe to my blog!  Im glad you are here….Lets get our learning on because God knows I have a few things to learn myself.


So here we go…..

Something Old: Me because surely you can teach an old dog new tricks.  ….I may learn how to cook during this experience.

Something New:  A new way of reaching out to my clients, friends and complete strangers

Something Borrowed:  This URL and template because 1.) building a website is hard work ….and 2.)  Im cheap and didn’t want to spend any more money.

Something Blue…. Cute Hollis (one of my clients yesterday)  next to this blue truck.  ….hey, it works right??


Starting on Monday, Ill be posting daily…yes, daily posts.  Please comment on the daily blog posts.  This will allow us to all interact and discuss future topics as well as questions and concerns about the current topic.  Im going to be learning as I go as well…so please be easy on me.  Some posts will not have anything to do with photography or DIY at all…..It may just be about life and the day to day struggles we all face.  Again, Im excited you are all here and I can’t wait to get back to group learning!    As a way of kicking this all off….please comment below with your Name, hobbies as well as where you are from.


November 8, 2014 - 12:27 am

Amanda Manross - HI! I’m glad I finally saw where you commented to come join the blog! I might have missed it or bugged you by asking for an email :)
Anyways, Hi everyone! My name is Amanda. I currently live in Perryton,TX with my husband and our two boys (4 yrs and 2 months) I’m enjoying being a stay at home mom and even though I do that my hobbies are still pretty limited. But, when I do have time I enjoy trying to get some decent pictures of them.

November 9, 2014 - 9:54 pm

Tristan Jones - Hi! I’m a stay at home mom to a6yr old boy and 4yr old girl. We live in Canyon Tx and I enjoy taking pictures of my kids and family. I also enjoy sewing and make most of my daughters clothes, even made a side business out of it for myself.

November 10, 2014 - 11:43 am

Heather Boedeker - Hey! My name is Heather Boedeker and I am super excited your doing this! I live in Plainview with my 18 month old daughter , multiple four legged children and a awesome husband who puts up with all of us. Currently I have gone back to teaching so I haven’t had any time to enjoy my photography hobby but am hoping that will change. I also enjoy gardening, and cooking and anything outdoors.

November 10, 2014 - 1:57 pm

Keegan Langford - Hi!

My name is Keegan :) I’m originally from Farwell, but now I live and work in Lubbock. Dusty used to cut my hair in Muleshoe when I was in high school and then when she became a full-time photographer, I fell in love with her work!! I’m super excited to be able to learn more about the photography ins & outs. I mostly do it for fun & have taken a few pictures for family & friends. I’d love to get better at it, though.

Obviously, one of my hobbies is photography, but I also enjoy playing piano, reading & spending lots of time with my friends since I’m young & not married, haha.

May overload!!! WEDDING SEASON IS HERE!!!

WOW! The wedding bells are ringing around here. Ive been hard at work behind the scenes editing and shooting tons of bridals and weddings. I had a stressful week two weeks ago when my editing program decided to go haywire and it put me at a stand still until I could get technical support on the phone to literally get into my computer and see what the deal was. All is good and Im now back at it! Here are some of my weddings from May, minus one that Im still working on sneak peek! Looking at my current workflow scehdule EVERY SINGLE WEDDING will be finished up over the next 3 days if not earlier. Thanks everyone for being pateint! Yall are wonderful! Check out some of my May couples!:)